Maverick’s Hippo Quilt Free Sewing Pattern

This Maverick’s Hippo Quilt is perfect for a variety of reasons, including comfort, visual appeal, and gifting! First, this quilt is undeniably comfortable, soft, and gentle! The texture is not harsh on the skin and on the contrary, is very delicate! Even babies can enjoy cuddling or sleeping with this since it won’t harm even the wispy of skin. In addition, the design is also extremely adorable and cute! It consists of a variety of granny square-like design woven into one, with different backgrounds and colors for each one! Some have zig-zagged designs, some have mixed colors, and some even have polka pots! All these combined make it an absolutely perfect gift for loved ones, friends, and family! They will be sure to love this heartfelt present and treasure it, which is especially great for baby showers! Thanks Rebecca Danger for sharing the wonderful craft. The link for the free pattern is provided below the photo. Please follow us on Pinterest for more sewing patterns! Happy sewing and enjoy!

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Check out below link for free pattern…

Maverick’s Hippo Quilt