Monster Trick-or-Treat Bag Free Sewing Pattern

This Monster Trick-or-Treat Bag is perfect for Halloween and enjoying the spirit of going around and trick-or-treating! It perfectly matches the ghoul, monster, ghost theme and is very fitting, great for getting lots of delicious treats and candy! It’s very adorable and the design is really nice, with the perfect amount of simplicity and uniqueness! You can add a few horns, colored stripes, teeth, eyes, and other features that you can add to make it your own! Furthermore, this is also perfect for trick-or-treating! If you plan to be out for a long time, you can rely on the huge capacity of this bag to hold all your goods without it leaking or ripping. Thanks Crafting Cheerfully for sharing this tutorial. The link for the free tutorial is provided below photo. Please follow us on Pinterest for more sewing patterns! Happy sewing.

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Monster Trick-or-Treat Bag